Sneak Peek into a Photographer’s Bag

A Photographer’s Camera Bag Is Not Just a Backpack or a Messenger Bag. It Is His Second Best Friend Who Keeps All His Little Friends in Place and Safe Against Bumps, Dust, Moisture Etc.

  • Camera Bag – to carry all your essential equipment.
    Select the bag based on the size, comfort and accessibility. The best is a two-camera bag system. Select the hard or soft case based on your requirement (a hard case would obviously have better protection)

  • Lens – keep a set of lens (zoom or prime, macro, wide-angle, fish-eye) but remember you would not get enough time to change the lens when capturing.

Top Tip: When on field carry light camera bodies with good prime lenses to give a better quality in bad light. Always have few packets of silica gel sitting in the bag to keep the moisture at bay.

  • Tripod – this would seem an easy task, but remember tripod would hold your camera and you do not want to damage it by purchasing a cheap tripod. Investing in a tripod can never go wrong.
  • Spare battery& memory card – you would not be impressed to see the low battery message flashing in the middle of your shoot. So do invest and get a spare pair of batteries and charge it before heading out for a shoot. Keeping an extra memory card is always helpful as it is the ammunition of your machine.

  • Lens cleaning kit – this is a must to guard your lenses of dust and smudge. Your kit should contain a dust blower, dust removing brush, microfiber gentle cloth to clean your lens, good quality lens cleaning liquid and cotton swabs.

Top Tip: Before applying the microfiber cloth, blow away the dust particles with the help of blower and brush. Never spray the cleaning liquid directly on the lens, spray it on the microfiber cloth.

  • Camera rain cover – you do not have to buy a professional rain cover unless you are shooting the vibrancy of Holi festival or working in Arizona Rain Forest. Be creative and DIY!
  • Flash light & Pepper spray – keep a good flash light as it helps you to see the surroundings in dark and sometimes you can create a very creative image using the flash light in a dark scenario. Pepper spray is not just for girls; carry this to protect you in an unexpected emergency situation.

Rizwan Ashraf

  • Business card – A new opportunity may knock your door anywhere anytime!
  • Water & snacks – you never know when you can feel hungry in between shoots!
    You can have chocolates, dry fruits – they eat less space and gifts more energy.
  • First aid kit – it’s always a good idea to be prepared for an uneasy situation. Cramps, strains & scratches are easy to happen and hamper your productivity. Always carry pain relieving spray and band-aids.
  • Laptop – sometimes the small screen of your camera is not sufficient enough to see the details of the pictures. A better and big screen is always a need. Try the Macbook Air for its go on a charge battery life and light-weight.

At last never forget to carry your smile wherever you go! 🙂 

Rizwan Ashraf


Creative Product Photography at Home

While roaming on the streets, flipping pages of a magazine, surfing on the internet or scrolling an e-commerce website; beautiful images of products always catches your attention. They are sharp, clean and vibrant, sometimes they serve the product with a model, sometimes without. Product Photography is something that garnishes your product before serving it to the customer.

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Miniature Fashion Photography. Sounds strange, right?
Out of boredom I tried my photography skills to create portfolio of a Barbie Doll. Yes! Like a fashion portfolio, but shooting with a mannequin. I asked my cousin to lend me her Barbie doll for a couple of days, and created a mini studio on my study table using two study lamps.

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Macro Photography With Your Smartphone

Always fascinated about Macro Photography, bokeh and sharp images of tiny little objects? Want to shoot like a professional Macro Photographer but don’t have a professional equipment a DSLR?

Well, in this era of smartphone anyone can capture a stunning macro photograph with their phone.
As it is said that it’s the person behind the lens who creates the image not the camera.  

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