About Me

Rizwan Ashraf

I am Rizwan Ashraf – a Jharkhand lad for whom photography was just a hobby but gradually it turned into a passion and eventually, into a full-fledged career.

Presently, Bangalore is the new den and product photography is the profession.

That being said, my excitement in macro and abstract photography is way higher than the others. Possibly because everyone talks about abstract art but not many know what it means. What I choose to show and what the viewer perceives need not be the same. This open-endedness allows for enough room to think, and each picture isn’t trivialized.

On the other hand, macro photography definitely reminds me of the days without DSLR when with the use of magnifying glass attached to the mobile cameras I tried to take macro images. The self-taught technique was pocket-friendly and good as a beginner.

The idea of taking the hobby to a professional step possibly came after winning an air ticket in a theme based competition organized by an NGO. Further, recognition on both national and international platforms boosted the energy to do it better every day.