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Creative Product Photography at Home

While roaming on the streets, flipping pages of a magazine, surfing on the internet or scrolling an e-commerce website; beautiful images of products always catches your attention. They are sharp, clean and vibrant, sometimes they serve the product with a model, sometimes without. Product Photography is something that garnishes your product before serving it to the customer.

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Miniature Fashion Photography. Sounds strange, right?
Out of boredom I tried my photography skills to create portfolio of a Barbie Doll. Yes! Like a fashion portfolio, but shooting with a mannequin. I asked my cousin to lend me her Barbie doll for a couple of days, and created a mini studio on my study table using two study lamps.

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Macro Photography With Your Smartphone

Always fascinated about Macro Photography, bokeh and sharp images of tiny little objects? Want to shoot like a professional Macro Photographer but don’t have a professional equipment a DSLR?

Well, in this era of smartphone anyone can capture a stunning macro photograph with their phone.
As it is said that it’s the person behind the lens who creates the image not the camera.  

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