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Creative Product Photography at Home

While roaming on the streets, flipping pages of a magazine, surfing on the internet or scrolling an e-commerce website; beautiful images of products always catches your attention. They are sharp, clean and vibrant, sometimes they serve the product with a model, sometimes without. Product Photography is something that garnishes your product before serving it to the customer.

Product Photography by Rizwan Ashraf

At studios a Professional Photographer uses a high end camera, props, different kinds of light setup and good post processing/editing to get the desired result.  

Owning a studio and high end equipment needs a lot of money; however, you can create a mini studio on your desk and shoot professional looking product photographs at your home.

Follow the instruction and become a product photographer:

Mount your DSLR or any other camera/mobile that supports manual control, and create a backdrop using chart paper on your desk. 

Set the shutter speed of your camera to 20-25-30 seconds, depending on the amount of light available in your room. Keep the ISO to the lowest number available and turn on the auto timer. Turn off auto focus and image stabilization.

Now, place your subject on the table, focus manually and keep the aperture above 8. Once done, take out your mobile phone, set the brightness to max; press the shutter button of your camera and start painting your subject with the light coming out of your mobile’s screen. 

Paint it from different directions. Once done check the result on your camera’s screen, adjust the settings as per the requirements.

Once you get the result you want, you can enhance the image in Photoshop or Lightroom depending on your preference. 


You can use different backgrounds like paper, fabric, glass or stone to get a different result. Put your product in a different way, experiment with the placement. You can add drama by adding a few props or elements like water droplets or smoke. Play with the light, paint it from different angles and directions. You can use different color of light on the screen like red, yellow or green. A tablet’s or laptop’s screen can also be used. 


Remember, only practice and experiments will make you perfect. 

Happy Clicking. 

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